Waylon SOLD!

Waylon SOLD!

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Waylon is a very affectionate and playful puppy with a beautiful mask and merle coat.  Hair will be straight or wavy and will be low shed.   He should grow to 17-30 pounds full grown.  His eyes may be blue, brown green or gray. His hair may be wavy or straight.
Available 5/10/21
  • Pet Health

    Each puppy comes with a one year guarantee.  We are very concerned with the health and happiness of your new addition.  We keep all our dog vaccinations and screenings up to date before adoption.  All puppies will be cleared of any detectable diseases before adoped.


    Local pickup available on appointment.. It is also possible for me to set up a meeting place with you to shorten your drive.  Flight can be discussed is needed, but not my preferred delivery method.